Wedding Day Coordination


Specially designed for couples who have planned and organised their own wedding, who need the assistance of an experienced Coordinator in the two months prior to their wedding to include managing their wedding day itself.

This also sometimes called “Day Of” wedding planner service and here is a brief summary of what we do to ensure your wedding day is problem and stress-free.

Ideally, all of the wedding arrangements will have been taken care of months before by you and your soon to be husband, however, if you have overlooked any detail, or if any unforeseen circumstances arise, we will utilise our network of wedding service providers to ensure all is ready in ample time for your wedding day, even at short notice!

We also contact all your previously arranged wedding suppliers and vendors to ensure that all the details are in order and we follow up on a consistent basis as a peace of mind safety check.

When the actual wedding day arrives, we take full responsibility to manage and coordinate the wedding-day schedule so that all involved are all present and accounted for and in the right place at the right time!

To find out more about this service, please click the link below for full details of our Wedding Day Coordination service. 

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