Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Designer / Baker – Answered by Brian Roche of Baker Boy Cakes



The choice for wedding cakes can seem overwhelming and endless when you consider all the questions you want answers for in deciding on your perfect cake.

How many tiers do you need or require to have enough cake for all your guests?

Which shape will work better for your style or theme – round, square or oval?

Do you prefer naked cakes, fondant iced, butter cream or biscuit cakes?

Which is better for you, sugar flowers or fresh flowers?

Maybe you want a themed cake or individual cakes?

What are the best choices for flavors or tastes?

Are you having the cake at your pre-reception, after dessert or for dessert?

Don’t dismay or worry, here at Forevermore Wedding and Event Coordinators (“FWEC”), Hannah-Marie and Michelle take away all the stress plus save you time by affiliating with a fantastic cake supplier Brian Roche of Baker Boy Cakes (“BBC”) to give you answers to the most frequently asked questions by brides and grooms when choosing their wedding cakes.  Brian’s advice is to ask the questions below, before you decide on your wedding cake designer/baker and finalise your wedding cake.

We asked Brian to answer some of his suggested questions plus provide you with some additional information about BBC’s.  As Brian is such a fantastic guy, he readily agreed although he is very busy at the moment.

FWEC-Is your date available?

BBC- Its always best once you decide on your cake maker to check availability with them, especially if its within the busier times like Summer and over the Christmas period as these times are always the first to be booked up.  As an example, I’m full now for Christmas 2017 and have 2 bookings for Christmas 2018…There’s no harm in paying your booking deposit even if it months or over a year away to secure the date.

FWEC-How soon before your wedding will the cake be baked?

BBC-With any iced and decorated cake I always bake them around 3 days before the wedding to allow for decoration and assembling of it but a rich fruit cake is made 3 months before the wedding to allow it to mature. For buttercream styled cakes, these are made just 2 days out and for the naked wedding cake, this is the day before your big day and not filled until the morning of the wedding and assembled on site at your wedding reception venue. Any decorations would be made a week in advance especially hand crafted sugar flowers which could be made up to 3 weeks ahead to allow time to fully dry.


FWEC-How many weddings has been done by the confectioner?

BBC-To date, since I started Baker Boy Cakes part time almost 3 years this coming April, I’ve made over 100 wedding cakes in total.  Since going full time, 9 months ago, I’ve made over 40 with over 110 booked for 2017 and excess of 25 booked for 2018.


FWEC-Is your chosen cake maker licenced and insured?

BBC-Yes, I’m fully registered with the Environmental Health Executive of Ireland No 52262.  I’m insured through Pike Insurance Services and my company registration number is 575775.


FWEC-Does your cake supplier customise wedding cakes or do I select from set designs?

BBC-What I love doing best is meeting with the couples and planning their wedding cake around them, their theme, their styling, colours, etc so every cake I design is designed with these elements in mind and fully customised.


FWEC-Can you help with the design to tie-in with the wedding theme and style?

BBC-Yes of course, that why I meet couples about 3/4 months before the wedding to plan their cake, that way every detail is taken into consideration from the brides and bridesmaids colour, any details on their dresses that could be used within the cake, their flowers, if they have a theme running through the wedding, the venue and room colouring itself, even down to the table settings.  

FWEC-What cake and filling flavors do you offer?

BBC- I’m  passionate  about making your cake.  It should look amazing and also taste amazing too, that’s why I use the finest ingredients from Irish unsalted butter to premium Belgian chocolate and ever thing in between. I ensure all cakes are freshly baked to your specific instructions.  Whether you choose a tiered wedding cake, novelty cake or cupcakes, Baker Boy Cakes is a must have for your special occasion.

See our full range of flavours below:



Lemon drizzle





or any combination of the above flavours such as lemon and raspberry, chocolate and orange, etc.

The above cakes are filled with flavoured swiss meringue buttercream.

Chocolate biscuit cake filled with marshmallows, crunchie and malteasers.

White chocolate biscuit cake filled with malteasers, rolo and munchies.

Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache and salted caramel.

Rich chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter buttercream.

Red Velvet filled with layers of vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.

Carrot cake filled with orange swiss meringue buttercream.

Traditional moist rich fruit cake made using my grandmother’s recipe.

If your favourite cake is not on the list, I can make it, don’t be afraid to ask.



FWEC-What are my options for displaying the cake?

BBC-There are many options for displaying your cake and this would largely depend on the styling of it. For example, a rustic buttercream style on a tree trunk, or wooden crates, glass or pottery pedestals. There is a full range to choose from.

FWEC-How do you price your cakes, is it per slice and do you have a minimum cost?

BBC- Currently the minimum cost for a wedding cake is €285 but obviously the more work and tiers involved, the price goes up from there.


FWEC-What is your delivery charge?

How much is the deposit? When is it due and when do I make the final payment?

BBC-For securing your booking, I require a deposit of €50. Between 3 to 4 months before your wedding date, we can arrange to meet at one of my consultation mornings to start the process of finalizing your cake. I deliver free of charge to hotels on the day of the wedding within a 30 minute drive from my work place (Ballymacoda) and outside of this area I charge a small fee. Full payment is due the week of the wedding.

If you have a question for Brian, click here to contact him directly.  If you need help with any part of your wedding planning, contact Michelle and Hannah-Marie directly here


  1. Of course the closer to your wedding date, the better, but a few days in advance shouldn’t impact the taste or look, and may be necessary if you want a complicated design that takes more than a day to execute.

  2. Can you design a custom cake to match my theme, dress or color scheme, or do I select from set designs?

  3. A wedding cake is generally much more elaborate than a birthday cake from your local bakery.

  4. Some bakeries will provide the transportation of the cake from the bakery to your venue, as well as set up. Others expect you to arrange your own pickup and delivery.

  5. Ask them if they have your wedding date available and how many other cakes they have booked for that day.

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