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Are you looking for an expert destination wedding Ireland planner? Then you have come to the right place. specializes in destination weddings in South Ireland, otherwise known as the historical province of Munster. Based in County Cork, Hannah Marie and Michelle, the team behind Forevermore, have many years of event coordination and wedding planning experience and are passionate about creating the perfect day for couples who want to get married in mystical Ireland.

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South Ireland is the most beautiful part of Ireland with famous landmarks and breathtaking scenery in all the 6 counties of Munster – Cork, Kerry, Clare, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford.

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Forevermore are affiliated with a huge selection of Southern Ireland’s finest wedding venues such as Castlemartyr Resort Hotel, Adare Manor, Trump International Golf & Hotel Ireland, Dromoland Castle to name but a few.

Hannah Marie, Michelle and their team understand completely that every occasion is unique, encapsulating the essence of the couple and client.  Our services are tailored and bespoke and we work meticulously with all of our couples to ensure their vision and dreams become reality.  

While you embrace your creativity and style, we will work diligently to ensure your dream celebration comes to fruition.  We are on hand throughout your planning process to undertake all necessary administrative duties and logistics. We combine exceptional creativity with flawless project management to ensure no detail is overlooked to produce breathtaking events.


Forevermore also handle all the legal requirements for couples looking to get married in Ireland. Hannah Marie, co-founder of started her career in the legal profession prior to event coordination and is a holder of a law degree from the University College Cork, Ireland’s leading third level education faculty. You can relax knowing the legal side of your perfect day is in exceptionally safe hands.

Would You Like A Wedding In Ireland By The Sea? 

If you are looking for a wedding in Ireland by the Sea, then the counties of Cork, Kerry, Clare and Waterford are the perfect wedding destinations for you.

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These Irish counties are renowned for its amazing coastal scenery and wild dramatic landscapes.

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All Inclusive Wedding Packages Ireland

Forevermore, through years of experience have built relationships with all the best wedding venues, wedding suppliers and vendors in Southern Ireland to ensure you get the perfect wedding day you deserve. It is a concierge service to match your every want and desire, guaranteeing a day that will be remembered forever. 

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Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Ireland

  • Do North Americans need a visa to visit Ireland: No
  • Capital City: Dublin
  • Second Biggest City: Cork
  • Currency: Euro (€), €1 = approx $0.95
  • Religions: Predominantly Christian (87% Catholic)
  • Driving: On the Left Side
  • Plug Socket: Three-Pronged 

How To Get To Ireland

You must fly to Ireland unless coming from UK or France where daily ferries are available.

  • International Airports in Ireland (US long haul flights): Dublin, Shannon, Knock (Charter only)
  • Other European Airports In Ireland: Cork
  • Other British Only Airports: Kerry, Sligo, Waterford, Galway, Donegal

How To Get Around Ireland

There are three main options to travel around Ireland:

  • Irish Rail – National train network but quite expensive and does not cover all regions.
  • Bus Eireann – National bus network and is very cheap and regular to all major towns and cities in Ireland.
  • Car Rental – Relatively cheap and the most effective way to travel around Ireland. Irish motorways have improved dramatically in the past 10 years and make travelling around Ireland very easy. 

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What are the legal requirements for getting married in Ireland?

Non-EU national deciding to get married in Ireland can be a scary thought at first, especially in relation to the legal aspect of the marriage. However have no fear, as Forevermore is on hand to guide you through the process step by step to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible.

We will answer any questions that are causing you unnecessary anxiety and will direct you to the correct US government agency to ensure all the required forms are filled and file correctly. We will then ensure that all the relevant forms and documents are received by the Registrar of Marriage in the district you choose to get married in Ireland.

All paperwork will be tracked and signed to guarantee arrival. Irish pride themselves on their customer service and ability to get important tasks done in a timely fashion. We can honestly say that Ireland has some of the best and most helpful government run agencies in the world.

We will advise all the necessary paperwork required during our first free introductory consultation. The main thing to note is that we must receive all the documentation 4 months before the planned marriage date to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Ireland Destination Wedding Cost

A recent survey taken in Ireland showed that the average cost of a wedding in Ireland is approx $20,000. Now you must remember that the average number of guests at an Irish wedding is around 200 which can lead to a lot of extra costs. You can, however, plan a wedding on a smaller budget of $5000 all the way up to 100’s of thousands of dollars depending on your tastes and financial status.

If you plan to elope in Ireland on a budget, we can help you achieve that. If you prefer an all-inclusive Irish castle wedding, then we would love to arrange that too. 

The currency used in Ireland is the Euro (€), which makes it easy for you to travel around the rest of the EU states if you plan a long holiday in Europe. At the time of writing, $1 equals €0.89 (89 cents). All prices you see quoted in shops, restaurants and services include the VAT (rate of 23%) unless otherwise stated. The price of goods and services is cheaper in the Southern Ireland counties (Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, Waterford) compared to Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. This is another great reason to have your destination wedding in South Ireland.

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Best Time In Ireland To Have A Wedding

This is usually a personal choice, but if you would like at least a 50% chance of a clear and sporadically sunny day, you should consider the months May to September. Between October and April, the weather becomes very unpredictable and you tend to see a lot more rainfall, however, it still makes the country glisten with natural beauty. Thankfully, due to the North Atlantic Drift as well as mountain ranges around the coasts of Ireland, the Irish weather may be changeable, but it is never extreme.

For instance, it is very rare to see snow and also very rare to get more than a week of consistently high temperatures (85°F+) although when it happens it is usually in July and August and it is a wonderful experience.

  • In spring (February to April), the average highest temperatures range from 46 to 54°F
  • In summer (May to July), the averages for highest temperatures are between 64 and 68°F.
  • The warmest months are July and August ad you are guaranteed to get 18 hours of daylight.
  • In autumn, (August to October) highest temperatures hit between 64 and 57°F.

When having a wedding in Ireland, you always have to consider the season. Thankfully we have planned weddings in all seasons and know the tricks and tips to ensure that the weather is nothing but an afterthought.

Best Time In Ireland To Have A Wedding

Are The Irish Welcoming To Destination Weddings?

Ireland is known as the land of a thousand welcomes hence the old Gaelic saying of “Cead Mile Failte”. Irish people love meeting new people, hearing their stories as well as telling their own stories. The Irish do indeed like a drink and a dance and are never ones to judge but always willing to listen and offer sage advice. Common traits with Irish people is that a problem can always be overcome and they always tend to have “a glass is half full” view on life. This ensures that your wedding day is full of positivity, fantastic service and many happy and everlasting memories.

Are The Irish Welcoming To Destination Weddings

Request our Destination South Ireland Wedding Planning Service Brochure

Our Destination South Ireland Wedding Planning Service includes our full wedding service plus step by step guidance on all the legal requirements to get married in Ireland. 

Please click here to receive our detailed individual destination South Ireland wedding planning services brochure and pricing information.

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Forevermore are a Cork based wedding planner and event coordination company serving all Southern Ireland (Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, Kerry, Clare & Waterford). Call us today for an introductory consultation.


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