Ideas and Advice to help you create a magical Communion or Confirmation Celebration

Contact Hannah-Marie on 087 6525365Nothing excites Forevermore Wedding and Event Coordinators more than a once in a lifetime celebration, where dreams are realized and memories created. 

I can remember my own communion day, the sheer excitement and anticipation, my oh so beautiful dress with that HUGE bow which my wonderful mother tied perfectly and proudly.  I adored that dress and it still gives me goose bumps when I think of it.  My immaculate hairstyle, with not a hair out of place, tied up perfectly in a crochét bun and my goodness, what fun we had that day. Those were very happy times indeed and I remember that day with absolute fondness and pride. 

Even though times have changed from when I made my communion the fundamental elements remain the same – to have fun, create happy memories and to celebrate the event with pride.

Forevermore have set out some advice and tips to help you create a beautiful event whether it is celebrated at home or at a venue of choice. 

  1. Venue

An important factor when deciding where to host the celebration will be determined according to the number of guests attending.  The venue should not be too small, which will end up creating annoyance amongst guests and the hosts or indeed not too big, where the party can seem soulless and lacking in atmosphere. 

Another factor to bear in mind is the number of children which are being invited, as they will need space for playing and having fun.

It is important to decide at an early stage whether you want the party to take place outdoors or indoors.  Given the Irish weather, one would be brave to organise the celebration to take place solely outside with no contingency plan for when and if it rains. If you do decide to plan for an outdoor party, it is imperative that you have a covered area set-up in the event of rainfall or in the alternative, you have organised the party in such a way that all the elements can be easily transferred indoors at the last minute.  

  1. Food to delight the adults and the children

Whether you decide to host the celebration in a restaurant/hotel or at home where you provide a buffet style meal or a sit down a la carte, we highly recommend you prepare a sweet treat buffet.  This will not only create a feast for the eyes but is sure to delight even the biggest of kids.  This buffet can be created with the utmost elegance, whether you decide to decorate it by way of a specific colour scheme, include photographs of the communion child through the years, balloons, bunting and include a variety of sweets and pastries, the most important thing is aesthetics and variety of treats.  Examples of the type of treats you could include are as follows:-

  • Jars of retro styled sweets, which can be easily purchased from the ample old style sweet shops in most towns/cities.
  • Cupcakes
  • Decorated Cookies
  • Personalised Chocolates
  • A simple floral display
  • Communion/ Confirmation Cake, which of course would take pride of place

This is a beautiful idea which can be styled so tastefully and can create the focal point of the venue. Be sure to use elegant jars and treat holders as this can enhance the esthetics beautifully.

  1. Entertainment

This is the key element to any party and has the affect of turning the celebration from a dinner party into an authentic fun and memorable celebration.

We at Forevermore Wedding and Event Coordinators love organising parties where everyone, from the young to the more mature guest, are able to enjoy themselves. Creating a party that is fun for adults and children requires imagination however, it is sure to make the celebration a huge success and unforgettable. 

Here are some tips and advice for hosting a party that both children and adults can enjoy:-

  • Do not plan childrens’ activities that require a lot of adult supervision.
  • Include toys / activities for all ages where multiple children can play together at the same time.
  • Take any inside toys outside as old indoor toys will inevitably take on a whole new lease of life once introduced to your child’s friends.
  • Avoid any messy activities e.g. painting.
  • Keep food choices simple.

Some entertainment ideas which can be thoroughly enjoyable for the young and the more mature guests can include:

  • A professional Magician.
  • A fun DJ who has music to cater for all ages and tastes and will be sure to get everyone dancing. Most reputable DJ’s incorporate fun group games into their set list.
  • A karaoke, which would be certain to get those laughter muscles going.
  • A Juggler.
  • A bouncy castle, especially those with an obstacle course incorporated.
  • An animal road show where the children and adults can see and touch many exotic animals.
  • Retro garden games such a giant jenga, limbo pole, bean bag toss and many more.
  • A professional childrens’ entertainer.
  1. Incorporating a unique idea

A very nice idea is for your child to prepare a speech of thanks to the guests for attending the celebration and to give individual thanks to particular guests. If it is something which the child feels uncomfortable with, the parent / guardian can read it with the child or copies of the speech can be given to the guests on their departure.

Another lovely idea is to leave a guest book at the door of the venue, for guests to write kinds words and future best wishes to the child.  This is something which would be so lovely for the child to look back on as they grow into adulthood.

Also, personalised gifts / favours for each guest is a lovely token and can include something the communion child made themselves e.g. a hand print with the date, a framed photograph, homemade cupcakes or a personalized book mark, to name but a few ideas. The options here are indeed endless and it is a lovely idea that perhaps the communion child is given full control over what he or she would like to make as a favour for the guests.  This will give the child a sense of importance and is something they are sure to remember into the future.

  1. Venue decoration

Whether you are hosting the celebrations at home or at a venue of choice, simple and elegant decorations can be incorporated easily and cost effectively thus converting an otherwise monotone venue into an utterly beautiful setting. From simple balloons to bunting, table center pieces, lanterns, floral arrangements, chair covers, crisp table linen, beautiful table settings and not forgetting the sweet treat table.  However, it is important not to incorporate too many decorative elements and the rule of thumb in this regard, is “less is more”.

With all this said, it is of course important that the true meaning of the day is to the forefront of all the celebrations. 

From us here at Forevermore Wedding and Event Coordinators, we hope this blog has been helpful and should you wish to avail of our assistance, be it in a small capacity or otherwise, we would love to assist you.  

Many congratulations to all the children making their First Holy Communion and Confirmation, to their parents/ guardians and also to the teachers, musicians and many others involved in making the day beautifully remembered Forevermore.

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